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Last nights palais

December 23, 2017

"DJ. still waiting for a wedding invitation" (me) will have a DJ set of only songs that the crowd wishes for. 

Jólabúðingur Nýlistasafnsins

December 21, 2017

Please join us for Nýló "Christmas Pudding" on Thursday evening, Winter solstice, at The Living Art Museum in The Marshall House. 

The Foodless Foodmarket will only be open this one night, from 17-21. The booth has works in stock by Ívar Glói Gunnarsson, Geirþrúður Einarsdóttir and Gylfi Freeland Sigurðsson, Bára Bjarnardóttir and Kristín Helga Ríkharðsdóttir. A special wrapping service will be offered to buyers, in style of the Foodless Foodmarket. A unique opportunity to finish Christmas shopping in style!

Radio Sandwich is a new medium specifically made for musical work by fine artists. In this broadcast, titled “RADIO SANDWICH: EP 1” five new works will have their debut. The musical works are by participating artists of the Foodless Foodmarket, this time under the names of 900 points, Mr. Glowie, Queen B and Bossy. 

borða hér / taka með

December 13, 2017

My work ...and then there was light will be featured the group show "borða hér / taka með" at Korpúlfsstaðir 13-20 December 2017. 

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