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Play the Bingo Machine

Noise Performance

ca 13 min


The noise performance Play The Bingo Machine is a distorted twist on playing bingo. In the performance, the bingo machine is used as an instrument, turned into a sound sculpture amplified with contact mics and the sound run through guitar effect pedals. In a way, it is an electronic bingo machine - playing noise music.


In the performance, the bingo manager (me) starts playing the machine with picking its cage and by using fingers to move around balls in the cage. At some point the manager starts spinning the machine making rhythmic sound, making the bingo balls go out of the cage one by one, making a new, different sound while they exit. The performance stops when all the balls have fallen to the floor, on the table or on the manager.


The effect pedals were controlled by an Gísli Hrafn, my assistant for the work.

Installation view:
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