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IN IT - to win it




The work “IN IT - to win it” tells a story of a drive-through intercom system that takes its own approach to its job quite seriously and seems to have a rather special relationship with its customers. By using its environment and contact with costumers, the intercom believes it has mastered the art of human communications, judgment making and compassion.


“IN IT - to win it” is filmed at a fast food drive-through “brand” architecture site. “Brand” architecture can be seen in most cities, typified by fast-food chain places. Even if in a foreign country, you can give yourself a break from the local menu and resort into the next international brand-name restaurant, and enter a theater of a unified space that you know so well. A place in no accordance with its external environment…


Awards won: “Best Experimental Short” at Oaxaca FilmFest 2017.


“Best Experimental Movie” at West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival 2017.