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Fountain of Truth
W/ Kristín Karólína Helgadóttir



Two person show in cooperation with Kristín Karónlína Helgadóttir. Exhibited in HIER in Berlin 18. May - 26. May 2017.


“Fountain of Truth” played with old myths, contemporary needs and explored the man-made wanting of longer life spam and fresher look. The bright white, lavender pink and rosemary green installation included various objects that dealt with these matters. Including an immortal squirrel.

Installation photographed by Joseph Dewitt Trembley. 




Interview with a squirrel:


K&K: Hi Mr. Squirrel. Thanks for being on our show. 
S: Thanks for having me! 😉
K&K: So, it was brought to our attention that you’ve just located the infamous “Fountain of Youth”. Is that true?
S: What is the truth these days? Would you believe me if I did?
K&K: ?
S: So, I recently signed some contracts, therefore, I can’t tell you right now. BUT I can tell you it's not in Florida and I don’t understand why Ponce de León would look for it there anyway.
K&K: What’s wrong with Florida?!!
S: Have you guys been there? Obviously, all these old people have taken the wrong turn. The cocktails the serve there do not make you younger, I’m telling you!! It's all about the inhale but not of alcohol, It’s in the rosemary, baby 😉 
K&K: We are interested to hear more about this fountain you allegedly found. Is there something more you could tell us about? How pure was it??? 
S: Baby, look at me and tell me what you see. You ain’t seen the best of me yet. Give me time. 
K&K: …Your glossy sleek tail does certainly stand out. 
S: Let's say I am going to live forever. I am going to learn how to fly.

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