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Artist statement, December 2015:


Being from Reykjavík, Iceland, a town on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has from a young age influenced me a lot. Being so isolated from different cultures yet watching American TV and music videos from all around the world. Surfing the web and playing online games. Believing everything I see and not questioning anything for one second. Whether it’s unrealistic figures in music videos, romantic scenes in movies or even advertisements, I somehow believed it all.


In my art I have been working with pop culture, simulations of reality, simulations of simulations and the high culture vs. the low. I mainly work with video, sound performances and photography. I work with an idea and then I decide the medium.  Some of my previous work involves classical music played on a toothbrush, noise music performed on a bingo machine, video installation involving simulation computer games etc.


I work with appropriation and opposites in my work. I take things that have their value in different cultures and appropriate them with everyday things. I am also inspired by what I see online and I am absolutely fascinated by the everyday simulations that are everywhere around. The simulation conceals that reality is no longer real. It eventually becomes the new reality.


By my work I want the individual to see a glimpse of a reality that he is already a part of but is non-existent.




2013-2016   The Iceland Academy of the Arts

            BA Fine Arts

2015        Berlin University of the Arts / Universität der Künste Berlin



2013 - 2013 Reykjavik School of Visual Arts

            Foundation year


2008 - 2012 Hamrahlid Collage 

            Final Examination (abitur)






What Is, Was and Possibly Will Be: @ Student gallery Kubburinn, Reykjavik – 3. December 2015 


Going Under @ Student gallery Kubburinn, Reykjavik - 29 September 





Selected group exhibitions


Stingur í augun nr. 3: Fullorðið fólk / Grown ups @ Verksmiðjan á Hjalteyri - 21. - 28. May 2016 


Under the Harbour, IAA graduation show @ Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik – 23. April – 8. May 2016 


NO SOLO @ Skaftfell Art Center, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland – 5. March – 8. May 2016 


It May Concern @ Pony Suger Art Studio, Stockholm – 23 – 27 December 2015 


Erfið Fæðing / Difficult Birth @ Kaffistofan Gallery, Reykjavik – 24. January 2015 


Summer Lovin’ @ Kaffistofan, student Gallery, Reykjavik - 18-20 October 2014 – Performance & work in group Exhibition





IAA Night of Experiments @ Mengi, Reykjavik – 27. January 2016 


Video night @ Ekkisens, Reykjavik – 22. Oktober 2015 


Screening: 7 (Short movies) FREE CINEMA @ Cinema Paradís, Reykjavik – 13. December 2014

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